Any Other "Cable Cutters" Out There?

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Any Other "Cable Cutters" Out There?

Post by Space Cadet on 7/12/2018, 7:12 pm

My family decided to "cut the cable" completely about six months ago. And we've never looked back. I installed an antenna network in the house, using the same cables which used to deliver cable to almost every room in the house and an outside antenna. That gave us all of the broadcast networks, along with two or three "specialty" channels from each of those. If you love classic entertainment, you'd love those extra channels. We get about 50 usable channels in all. This cost me $60 for the antenna and about an hour's time to install everything.

We disconnected the cable and raised our internet bandwidth from 40 mbps to 100 mbps, with a net savings of $90 per month. We already used Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and I added Hulu premium for another $6.00 per month on a special offer. The entertainment choices are seemingly never ending and all is well in the couch potato universe. And we're saving just over $80 per month.

We do our streaming, using a Roku stick in the living room and I have a 4K Roku TV in the master bedroom. Roku is quite the bonus on top of everything else. There are quite a few free streaming channels, which offer quality and often hard to find entertainment. Tubi TV and Pizza Flix are two current favorites. And there are new free channels being added regularly.

And all of a sudden, my old cable company seems to really value my patronage and finds a new lower cost package for me to try, each and every month. But... NOPE!!!
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Re: Any Other "Cable Cutters" Out There?

Post by ozradio on 7/15/2018, 11:53 am

We cut cable when we moved to Kansas, but that's been almost 20 years so I can't say we're cable-cutters; we've just never had it to begin with. Between Netflix and Amazon and library DVDs, we have more to watch than we have time. Less TV, more time for OTR!


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