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Full coverage of news events

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Full coverage of news events Empty Full coverage of news events

Post by pnussbaum 6/13/2017, 1:26 am

Like a rash, I keep reappearing. It's good to be be back. Some of you know, I have been pursuing my doctorate in history at the University of New Mexico. I am now a Doctoral Candidate, which means I have no more classes but have to write my dissertation. My topic revolves around radio and the production of news and history, so I am exploring dramatizations of history and history written in the "present tense," the news. I am using the full coverage of the networks of the D-Day invasion but would like to get my hands on what are rumored on the OTR Digest to exist: the four-day complete coverage of FDR’s death from Thursday 4-12-45 to Sunday 4-15-45; the complete day of 8-14-45 radio coverage of the end of the war. These broadcasts would help me provide some comparison of full coverage events.

The Club has been a great place to hang around and I'm continually amazed by the helpful spirit of Cobaltians and promise to contribute what I can.
Many thanks.

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