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Are Ya Ready for a Thousand memories?

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Are Ya Ready for a Thousand memories? Empty Are Ya Ready for a Thousand memories?

Post by Space Cadet on 2/26/2019, 7:19 pm

Those of you who have been around The Cobalt Club for many years, are about to wander down memory lane...

Alien Hate, allanpqz, Axeman, beechcraft, BeerEar, dfinagle, fossiker7, GilinAz, OmahaRadio, otrguy, RadioWisconsin, Red Panda, Saul Panzer, tflynn, thebakerliteline and thingmaker...
Space Cadet
Space Cadet

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Are Ya Ready for a Thousand memories? Empty Re: Are Ya Ready for a Thousand memories?

Post by Seamus on 2/27/2019, 6:33 pm

Ah OmahaRadio the wit and sarcasm on that man were legendary. We used to send each other pm's ragging each other. Many a newbie got the sharp end of his tongue. In the good old days we upgraded the server and got some nice bandwidth so files were flying and we were all sharing. Well some bright eyed wet behind the ears newbie would jump on and demand all the OTR shows in existence be uploaded for them NOW. Omaha would set em straight and we would howl in laughter seeing the words he used to make em jump. Sorely wished I could have saved the damaged backup that had all his posts on. Best maybe his legend lives on in our memories.

Saul was such a fan of Nero Wolfe a real gentleman. Red Panda and I met up in Canada and worked on a long forgotten project together. A lovely man with a lovely wife. Still remember that warm summer night having dinner in Toronto.

So many memories...

Remember Nurse.....

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