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Murphy's Law

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Murphy's Law Empty Murphy's Law

Post by Space Cadet 4/22/2013, 8:29 pm

Yup, Murphy's law has struck again. I recently upgraded to a new and much more powerful computer. And there was quite a bit of housecleaning and moving of files due to the process of migrating to the new computer. I cleaned up the old computer to give to my grandson (doesn't every five year old have his own desktop system?). So I deleted all of my OTR, digital pulps, comics, etc. from that system.

Enter Murphy!!! Before I had transferred all of those radio shows, comics, pulps, etc. from my backup external drive to the new computer... IT DIED!!!!! A 12 hour window just wasn't enough. 100,000 hour life expectancy for that drive and it seems my timing was perfect. AARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

All is not lost. I have tons of backups for most of the OTR. I can re-download the pulps from the Pulpscans Group. The comics will be a bit problematic but it shouldn't be too difficult to eventually replace most of them...

Ah Murphy! I won't say that you're evil. But I will say that you're infernally inconvenient.

Space Cadet
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