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Isle of Wight in the news Empty Isle of Wight in the news

Post by DavidinBerkeley on 4/23/2013, 7:52 pm

Teen eats nothing but ramen for 13 years.

While it COULD be a disorder, nobody involved is naming it as such, yet.

Usually these articles make me want to take a flame-thrower to my computer, watching how the media make celebrities of people doing questionable stuff. (Check out the picture of her beaming, surrounded by her "friends")

Fortunately, Yahoo took a balanced approach and talked about unhealthy eating.

The source of the article, the NY Daily News, though, manages to be more "yahoo" and closes on how the 18-year-old "just loves noodles". Tee Hee! Sad Sad Sad Sad

I love the commenter who said "Great, let's give her a trophy!"


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