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CAROL-ing (?)

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CAROL-ing (?) Empty CAROL-ing (?)

Post by wich2 7/31/2019, 10:07 pm

Dear Folks -

As many of you know, Dickens' story is a special interest of mine. Some good news/bad news on that front:

Thanks to a fellow fan, I have received a decent copy of one of Basil Rathbone's turns as Scrooge!

Alas, but for new AFRS bumpers, it is just a broadcast of his 1942 Columbia Records production, which is fairly common. So, following up:

Does anyone have a really HQ transfer of this disc production, from the original 78s? I have several files myself, but the ones from 78s have wear, and the later ones from 33 1/3 reissues have some annoying reverb rolled in, to "improve" (!?) the sound.

And of course, always looking for more radio CHRISTMAS CAROLs, especially Everett Sloanes', Edmund Gwenn's serialized version, and a few of Lionel Barrymore's rarer ones.

All best,
- Craig


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