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Clyde Beatty Show

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Clyde Beatty Show Empty Clyde Beatty Show

Post by ozradio on 9/9/2019, 8:47 pm

Looking for info on the Clyde Beatty Show. It's commonly noted as being a 52-episode series and that seems to be the number of available episodes. A weekly show for one year, makes sense. But reading about it in some old trade magazines, Commodore clearly advertised a set of 156 episodes alongside their 104-episode Hopalong set. Clyde Beatty was actually aired three times a week beginning the very first week of 1950 so 156 episodes is, again, exactly one year. Does anyone know enough about this program to know where the claim for 52 episodes came from or was it likely an understandable conclusion to draw based on the number of extant episodes?


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