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Bob Bob Bob and Ray Ray Ray!

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Post by dbf 1/17/2020, 8:40 am

I need some help for a possible explanation in my attempt to date a show.  I've taken on the task of trying to clean up my Matinee with Bob and Ray collection, as it's one of my fave shows.

A majority have been released by Radio Archives, but many of those that weren't are mislabelled/misdated. I've been going through them, listening and checking against calendars and any days of the week or events mentioned in the show that will confirm or narrow the dates. The first circulating episode is dated August 26, 1948 "Roving Reporter Ray Goulding" (and this one is not in Goldin's catalog).  I did discover this same episode circulating as July 30, 1949 which I'm pretty sure it is not (according to Goldin and another file I have, that date's show is "Cool Water" - probably because this episode also deals with a heatwave).

There's probably an easy explanation for this, but my brain is not connecting the dots: the main issue is that this episode has Stilfen Ford as a sponsor and it's mentioned that this is their last ad on the show, and they wish the sponsor good luck with the 1949 model they've been advertising (which according to Wiki started being advertised June, 1948). However, the only other episode I can find with Stilfen as a sponsor is September 24, 1948 (in Goldin, but not circulating). Fine, perhaps they returned a few weeks later and bought more airtime. But there's also an ad for the Boston premiere of the new film "Life With Father" - I checked and this film was officially released in August 14, 1947! So in that regard, it would make sense that this episode is from August, 1947 - but then why is Stilfen Ford mentioned as a sponsor advertising its 1949 Ford (and Bob mentions they'll probably be back next year for their 1950 model). Also, there is a running theme about a heat wave which is mentioned on the next 1948 episode as well.

I have not done a lot of research-work, so wondering if anyone with more skills might have an idea as to what could be going on......the date would seem fine for 1948, but why is there an ad for the premiere of  Life With Father which was released a year earlier (and doesn't sound like it's a re-release)?  Anyway, here is the episode and the following one, which are processed a bit from the currently muffled circulating mp3s. I've thought about posting all the shows along with the log information I'm compiling (including un-circulating shows I see in Goldin), but I don't feel comfortable publicly posting all the Radio Archives releases as I hope people will support the company and releases (they have access to a mass of transcription discs and have been releasing them over the last few years.) I will post some of the processed non-RA episodes and the log (when it's finished). Sorry about the long post, but for some reason, this little riddle is doing my head in! (lol)..... here are the first 2 circulating shows I can find, cleaned up a bit (but far from sounding stellar - I don't want lots of denoising that creates those awful artefacts and removes the treble, just to remove some hiss/muffle to make the show more audible):

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

PS If anyone has upgrades or even lossless FLACs of these, we could improve them further !  Every copy I found of these shows were the same and very muffled/hissy, and these are unfortunately processed using an mp3 source (sacrilege I know, but I kept them as mp3s to avoid lossless-confusion and to have more listenable versions - if you hear the versions on OTRRG files, you'll see what I mean).


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