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Prettiest voices in OTR

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Prettiest voices in OTR Empty Prettiest voices in OTR

Post by DavidinBerkeley on 4/26/2013, 9:04 pm

I don't mean "big" or "distinctive" or "powerful" because everyone will mention William Conrad. I mean pretty.

The prettiest voice I've heard lately is the woman who did the commercials for Lady Esther on Screen Guild Theater.

Listen at 15:00
or stream:

I think Andy Russell had a pretty speaking voice, too. He was on The Joan Davis Show.

Let's hear yours.

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Prettiest voices in OTR Empty Re: Prettiest voices in OTR

Post by latriv on 5/2/2013, 11:07 pm

I have to admit I have always had a thing for Cathy Lewis' voice.

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