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So I Was Digging Through Some Old Boxes

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So I Was Digging Through Some Old Boxes Empty So I Was Digging Through Some Old Boxes

Post by Space Cadet on 5/12/2013, 2:55 pm

Some of you know that I used to do a lot what they now call picking. We didn't have a name for it then, I thought of it as treasure hunting. Well, of course you sometimes buy boxes of junk, to get a single item you see in the box. So, I've had quite a few boxes stored, with lots of brik-a-brak. Today, I started going through those boxes in order to clear out some space. No, I didn't find any overlooked treasures worth thousands of dollars. But I did find some really interesting items.

In one box, what looked like piles of old scrap paper, turned out to be three old scrapbooks and more. The subject matter of those three scrapbooks was amazing to me. Newspaper clippings from the 1930's through 1950's. Great stuff. It covered three of FDR's elections. I also found an original Wendell Willkie campaign poster, in amazing condition, folded up between the pages. They also covered the life of princess Elizabeth, all the way from her teens, til her coronation as queen. There were lots of clippings from stories of WWII. There are lots of editorials from throughout that time period. And that really just scratches the surface.

Underneath the scrapbooks, I found some old newspapers, also in complete excellent condition. The one that jumped out at me was one with the headline V-J DAY JAPS QUIT. But the most amazing story, was the one beneath the end of the war write-up. USS Indianapolis overdue.

There's quite a bit of stuff to go through yet, from that box alone. I've seen a few folders which are full of complete Sunday comics sections and a lot of comics clippings. There's another folder full of vintage print adds. And I don't know what else... But I'm having a great time digging through it all.

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