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The Casebook of Gregory Hood

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The Casebook of Gregory Hood Empty The Casebook of Gregory Hood

Post by Harlow Wilcox 1/14/2020, 10:59 am


The Casebook of Gregory Hood had it's start as a 1946 summer replacement series for The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the Mutual network. The new series is given a plug at the end of the last episode of Sherlock Holmes of the 1945-46 season. Gale Gordon even puts in an appearance on the episode. Gregory Hood, who's business was as an Importer, was also an amateur criminologist who kept a diary of his adventures, hence the title "The Casebook of Gregory Hood". Sherlock Holmes was presumably supposed to be back in the fall which it was, only on another network, ABC. It would return with Tom Conway replacing Basil Rathbone. Instead Mutual continued to air The Casebook of Gregory Hood. The earliest episodes were written by Denis Green and Anthony Boucher, who wrote the Basil Rathbone / Nigel Bruce episodes of The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The series starred Gale Gordon, who played Mayor LaTrivia and Foggy Williams on Fibber McGee and Molly, Principal Osgood Conklin on Our Miss Brooks, George's boss Rudolph Atterbury on My Favorite Husband. He even portrayed The Whistler on it's premiere broadcast, as well as many, many other radio roles. The series ran on Mutual for one season, 1946-47. It then moved to ABC where it stayed until 1949 or 1950 before going off the air. The last circulating episode so far dates to October 15, 1949. The Petri Wine sponsorship lasted only one season. After that, as far as is known, it was a sustained program on ABC. Gale Gordon would portray Gregory Hood for at least the first ten episodes before Elliott Lewis took over the role. At some point, perhaps at the beginning of the ABC run, George Petrie took over the role. Only 1 known episode so far, survives with him in the role. The broadcast of December 15, 1947. Sadly, only the last half of the episode survives. The last known surviving episode of the series from October 15, 1949 stars Jackson Beck as Gregory Hood. Jackson Beck was on many, many radio series during his career Including Superman, Philo Vance, Inner Sanctum, C.B.S. Radio Mystery Theater.

The role of Gregory's attorney and pal Sanderson Taylor was portrayed by at least 5 different actors during it's time on Mutual. They were Bill Johnstone (of The Shadow fame), Art Gilmore (who generally worked as an announcer for various radio programs including Amos & Andy and Dr. Christian), Carl Harbord, William Bakewell and Howard McNear (Doc on Gusnmoke). Sadly, only 16 1/2 episodes are known to be In circulation.
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